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Flow Leukemia/Lymphoma Panel

Leukemia Cell Surface Markers
Leukemia Immunophenotyping Panel

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Flow Cytometry

Specimen Requirements
Bone marrow in lavender (EDTA) tube. No gel tubes.
Cell suspensions (body fluids or tumor aspirates) in RPMI media.
Peripheral blood in lavender (EDTA) or yellow top (ACD) tube.


Turn Around Time
48-72 hours

Special Instructions
Non-blood sources: Specimen source must be indicated with test request. Other than RPMI media, specimens cannot be refrigerated.

Peripheral blood: CBCD should also be performed. Specimens cannot be refrigerated.

Antibody staining for cell surface and cytoplasmic markers analyzed on a flow cytometer.

Testing includes a variety of cell surface markers to assess lineage of the blast population.

Interpreted by Pathologist.

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