Children's Mercy Kansas City
Culture- Blood

CMH Lab Section

Specimen Requirements
Blood volume based on patient weight. Refer to Patient Care Services Blood Culture procedure (B-11)


Turn Around Time
Preliminary reports at 24 & 48 hrs.Final in 5 days

Special Instructions
Use Persist or Chlrooprep to disinfect skin. Apply disinfectant by beginning at venipuncture site, work in circular motion, cover 2-3 inches diameter. Air dry; do not touch or palpate.

Processing Instructions
Divide sample as directed by B-11. Label both blood culture bottles with patient name and source. Place label on the lower half of the bottle. Do not cover the bar code.

Anaerobic, Fungal & Mycobacterial blood culture media are available when indicated. Contact Microbiology at 234-3386.

No bacteria isolated

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