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Clostridium difficile GDH

C. difficile

CMH Lab Section

Clinical Description
Rapid Screening provides results for C.difficile antigen (GDH) and toxin A/B

Result Interpretation:
1. GDH pos; Tox pos = Toxigenic C.difficile detected
2. GDH neg; Tox neg = Toxigenic C.difficile NOT detected
3. GDH pos; Tox neg = C.difficile antigen detected; toxin detection (by PCR) will be initated by the lab with results available in 24-hours.
4. GDH neg; Tox pos= indeterminate result; recollect if clinicallly warranted.

Specimen Requirements
1-3 mL liquid stool in a poly cup; no preservative


Turn Around Time
Rapid Screening: 1 hour
PCR: 24-hours

Special Instructions
1. Non-liquid samples are tested only when toxic megacolon is suspected.
2. Send to lab immediately or refrigerate up to 24-hours
3. Specimens from children less than 1 year shoud not be tested
4. All testing is performed at the Main Campus; rapid screening will require more than 1-hour for turn around time when sent from satellite locations.

Rapid Screening: rapid EIA for GDH antigen and toxin
PCR: for C diff toxin B


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