You went to a great party on Saturday night.  Your friends were back in town on spring break and you had a great time.  A friend took a photo of you and three of your friends at the party.  They tagged you in the photo.  It was a great photo of you so you decided to use it as your profile photo.   Because this is a great picture of you at a social event, there are some things you may not have paid much attention too, or thought much about.  Like the 4 bottles of liquor on the table in front of you, two of your friends are wearing a revealing top and your other friend has scrubs on with a drink in their hand. It was all about just having fun with your friends until…


A week ago you applied to your dream job.  The recruiter is impressed by your resume and decides to view your Facebook page as well as the other top candidates’ Facebook pages.  He pulls up two of the top three candidates’ pages - he sees nothing unusual or alarming and decides to call both in for an interview.  He then opens up your profile and sees the party pic.  He decides that this is not the image he would like representing his company and sends you a rejection letter.   And you will never know why…..


Not all recruiters, including the recruiting team here at Children’s Mercy Hospital view Facebook pages before they call in a candidate.  That being said, you should know, more and more companies are starting to include this in their research about potential new employees.


Here are some tips to avoid being rejected because of your Facebook page:


1. If you are tagged in an unflattering photo – untagg yourself.  If your friend doesn’t have protected settings, someone could do a Google image search of your name and view that unflattering photo.

2. Customize your privacy settings to have your page only viewable to you and your friends.  Many companies scrape social media sites and can see what is being said about their company.  If you are interviewing with that company and post a negative comment you can most likely write off that company.

3. You can have a fun profile photo but if you are applying to a job, ask yourself would you feel comfortable attaching this photo to your resume.  If not, I would suggest finding another photo. 


So now what?  Research companies you would love to work for and see if they have a Facebook page.  Many companies, CMH included, have career pages.  Go to the company’s career page and “Like” the page.  Read the news feed regularly.   Don’t be afraid to post appropriate comments on the Facebook Page.  You will stand out in the recruiters mind when they are viewing applications.


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