When I ask most job seekers where they are currently looking to find their next position the common answer is "online job boards."  While this can be an effective way to find openings, it may not be the best.  There are alternatives and LinkedIn is one of them.  Created in 2003 it is quickly becoming the one of the most effective ways to network and find jobs.  Currently it has over 90 million profiles and is adding a new profile every minute.  It is the 15th most trafficked website in the US.  (CareerBuilder ranks 129th and Monster is 166th)

If you are new to LinkedIn or have a profile but rarely visit, you might be missing the boat to your new career.  When filling out your profile fill out as much as possible, show hiring managers/recruiters what you have to offer.  (Remember LinkedIn is a professional networking site, save the family photos and party pics for Facebook) Next you will want to develop your network by connecting to colleagues, classmates and those who are relevant to your background.  For example if you are a CPA you may want to connect to other CPA's because they may know of openings either in their company or somewhere else.  Join a few groups, for example Children's Mercy has an employee group and we post openings, steps to the perfect resume and interview tips.  Another example might be if you are an RN join a nursing group. You can ask the group for advice or if anyone knows of openings, you will be amazed how many people will be willing to help, if you just ask for fit.

Feel free to join the Employment Group at Children's Mercy