Video Interviews- What’s that?      

At Children’s Mercy we are always trying to find ways to improve the interview process for the candidate and for the manager. In recent years we have implemented the video interview. There are two types of video interviews; a Live Video Interview and a Pre Recorded Interview. Pre Recorded Interviews seem to cause the most unease from candidates.

How it works

You are sent an email with a link from the program we use- HireVue. This link will then have you sign in to start the interview. Once you click start you will see a minute timer starting. This is your time to read the question and come up with an answer. Once that minute comes to a close it will say recording. This is when you answer the question. When you are done you will click stop recording and next question. Once completed that video will be emailed to the recruiter. The whole process takes around 30 minutes. It is that easy! You can do this at your own time; whether that is 2:00 pm or 2:00 am.


Tips for the video interview.

·         Complete the video when you have no distractions

o   think about surrounding

o   background noise

o   other people in the house

·         Your Answers should be a minimum of 30 seconds but no more than 2 minutes

·         Treat the video interview like a live interview, be prepared and wear interview attire.

·         Make eye contact with the camera.

·         This is screening tool.  It’s ok if you don’t answer every question perfectly.  Relax, and be yourself.