Everyday I learn something new.  Social Media resembles an important theme of my life.  Just when I think I know everything about something, I humbly realize that I don't know anything.

When I began using Twitter, I thought it was only tweets from people shuffling around useless information.  Eventually I realized that Twitter exposes me to a variety of ordinary people, actors, professionals and news that I choose to read.  I am no longer getting information from one source, but many.

In a recent @psyblog, Five Techniques for Avoiding Short-Sighted Decision Making by Jeremy Dean, he stated that "By comparing options, research finds that people are better able to make the choice that is in their long-term interests."  I am able to make decisions about my profession and daily life from various sources.

Twitter boasts that it's an "information network, that provides a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting."

What do I find interesting?  I follow Jim Stroud (@jimstroud) a genius about social networking, job hunting and employment.  Everyday he tweets information that provides a better picture of understanding the variables of employment.  For fun, I follow Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) who tweets funny thoughts and events and always sends a picture of himself to enhance the joke.  Recently Jim tweeted, "Signin off 4 now folks.  Life is still new to me n full of wonders."  I am a little disappointed, but I am sure that Jim Carrey will return to Twitter soon.

BTW (by the way), did you notice above how Twitter has contributed to a shortcut language?  Since you are only allowed 140 characters when you tweet, it's necessary to cut corners to make the tweet fit.  You are free to improvise to get your point across.  I recall my English teachers pounding into my head that you must use the correct form of a word otherwise you will not look smart.  But the world is changing everyday and so must I otherwise I will be left behind.  George Harrison said that "life flows within and without you."

If you can accept that you really don't know anything and then research from various sources, your mind will open up and find the best solutions for your professional and personal goals.