You can no longer say I don't get it and continue as if social media does not exist.  Technology rapidly advances everyday.  People everywhere are trying to create the next Facebook.  Seeking the next big thing is what makes us continue to create goods and services so that we can grow as individuals and as a country. 

Social Media sounds like words from Mars.  Actually, it refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue.  Examples of social media are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging.  There are more examples of social media but the above are widely used.

How do you get started?

1.  Don't be paranoid about sharing information online.  If someone wants to find you, then they would have done it already.

2.  Ask your peers and friends what they are doing.  Latch onto people who understand social media.  Ask questions, such as what is      it, how do they use it and how do you get established. 

3.  Join Facebook.  There are millions of people who use it.  Also, you will be able to connect with old friends and make new ones.

4.  Establish a LinkedIn account so that you can connect with hundreds of business associates in your industry.

5.  Incorporate social media into your daily practices.  Don't set up accounts and never return.

Change is inevitable should be your new inspiration.  Embrace change and open your eyes to see what the world has to continuously offer.  Otherwise you will become stuck in your ways.  Once you have established your social media presence, you will be upset that you waited this long.