Below are the Reasons that your job search may be unsuccessful.  If you have done any of these things then do not repeat them. Instead apply a quick fix by simply stopping or doing the opposite.  Keep in mind that you are a professional so you should act like one while searching for a job.  Hopefully your job search will be successful in the future.  Here you go.  

  1. Your email address is or  You should always provide a professional address, such as
  2. You dressed unprofessionally for your interview by wearing flip-flops, jeans and a T-Shirt.  The expected attire for any interview is business attire.  Wear a conservative suit that is blue, grey or black with subtle accessories and shined shoes.  You will feel confident and impress your interviewers. 
  3. You were rude to a staff member before or after you met with the recruiter.  Always be nice to everyone you meet during the interview.  People talk so be nice.
  4. You misrepresented yourself on the application by not indicating that you had a felony or misdemeanor conviction.  Employers check your background thoroughly so be honest.
  5. If you provide contact information, be available by answering your phone, even if you don't know who is calling.  Also, respond to your emails quickly. Recruiters are contacting many people and they want to speak to you quickly.  Don't get in the way of being contacted.
  6. You are late to the interview and created an excuse such as my GPS sent me the wrong way.  There are no excuses for being late. Take a test drive the night before.  On the day of your interview, you should leave your house early, drive from point A to B, pull into a parking space and walk into the building. 
  7. You felt that your answer during the interview was not your best.  Instead of focusing on the next question, you are dwelling on the wrong answer.  Before the interview begins, be sure to make peace with yourself.  Realize that you are going to make mistakes. It's ok because no one is perfect. 

I wish you success in your job search.