10 Ways To Fail a Job Interview



As recruiters we experience all sorts of different things in an interview.  Some are good and some aren’t so good, therefore when I came across an article posted by Jennifer Montez from New Grad Life, ( http://www.newgradlife.blogspot.com/ ) I thought it was the perfect thing to share and hopefully you learn a few things so you are more prepared in your next interview:


  1. Chewing Gum – You might think this is an obvious one but I am surprised to see how many candidates will be chewing gum during an interview
  2. Lie on your resume – Once again another obvious thing not to do however applicants will mark they have graduated from college when in fact they are still a few classes short, or have a certification when actually they don’t.
  3. Act indifferent about the job – As recruiters we want to interview candidates who are excited about the position. (And I don’t mean act desperate).    Show some enthusiasm and show us why you are a fit for the position
  4. Assume the interviewers won’t talk to each other – This is a great tip.  If you are interviewing with several people throughout the day, some questions may overlap, so answer it exactly the way you did the first time.  They will compare notes at the end of the day. Trust me
  5. Share Confidential information about your current employer – I have interviewed candidates who share information about patients at their current job.  Whether it’s in the healthcare field or not, keep confidential information to yourself 
  6. Don’t bother learning about the company or the job – Once again this seems like a not brainer but I highly recommend spending 20-30 minutes learning about the company and the job you are about to interview for.  It will make a lasting impression that you took the time to learn about the organization
  7. Don’t Answer Questions Directly – I know it bothers me and probably most recruiters when candidates go off on tangents and never really answer the question. 
  8. Arrogance is a sign of Confidence -   I like to interview a candidate who is confident, it shows me they believe in themselves and strive to be the best.  I do not like interviewing someone who is arrogant it is a big turn off.
  9. Bring your spouse/brother/sister/boyfriend/girlfriend to the interview – This is almost never a good thing to do.  It’s unprofessional.
  10. At the end of the interview, do not ask any questions – This goes back to showing interest in the company and position.  It’s always a good idea to come up with at least 2-3 questions.