Employers receive hundreds of applications on a weekly basis. It is impossible for recruiters to follow up with everyone immediately. So what do you do if you are really interested in the position? Here are a few tips on how to professionally follow up on your job application.

1.    Check the status of your application online.

o    When a recruiter reviews your application, sends it to a hiring manager, or disqualifies you for a position it is always noted in the system. This is the quickest and most efficient way to check on your status.  

2.    If someone has not contacted you via email or phone after weeks of applying, it is okay to contact the recruiter or human resources department.

o    Email the recruiter directly if the email address is available. Most recruiters prefer this method of contact.

§  Keep the email professional and concise. Reiterate your interest in the position, ask about the next steps in the recruiting process, and leave your contact information.

§  Wait for a response from the recruiter before contacting them again. If you continue to email it only delays the process.

o    If an email address is not listed, call the main HR phone line.

§  Leave a short message for the recruiter. Be professional and brief. Speak slowly, state your name, contact information, and the position in which you applied.

§  Only leave one message and wait for a returned phone call. Do not continue to call until you get someone on the line.

3.    Once you have heard from a recruiter listen to their feedback and follow their advice. If you are no longer being considered for the position, thank them for their time and ask that they keep you in mind for future openings.

Employers understand how difficult the job market and application process can be at times. Recruiters do their best to follow up with everyone in a timely fashion. However, as an applicant, try to remember that you are not the only one applying for the position and requesting an update on your status. Recruiters receive all voicemails and emails. The more you contact them, the more time it takes them to get back to you.