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Nursing Nurses Kaleidoscope

Get Ready - Here Comes Magnet!

clock July 2, 2012 12:07 by author Curtis Weber
Get ReadyHere Comes Magnet! Get ready, because in just one week the Magnet appraisers will be doing their onsite evaluation.  On a rational level most people know there is no reason to fret over the visit.  Despite that, most people also feel the common anxiety that is natural whenever they are put on stage.  Make no doubt; we are in fact being evaluated daily by patients and families we care for, the community we serve, and by ourselves.  We have never felt inhibited by that knowledge and we should not feel inhibited by the presence of the Magnet appraisers. What Magnet ... [More]

Send A Message About Giving - The Healthier Ever After Employee Campaign

clock June 1, 2012 14:46 by author Curtis Weber
Send A Message About Giving  The Healthier Ever After Employee Campaign Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics are very fortunate to be the recipient of many gifts and donations.  Our community recognizes our worth and the vital role we play in the health and well being of our most vulnerable citizens.  Some donors give cash to be used at our discretion, while others specify which department, service or even equipment that they wish to support.  Others give "gifts in kind" which are donations of goods or services free of charge.  And some give the simple and valuab... [More]

Hunger Is Not a Choice, Giving Is

clock May 17, 2012 15:04 by author Curtis Weber
Hunger Is Not a ChoiceGiving Is Did you have breakfast this morning? If you did not, was it because you chose not to eat?  Sadly, many people do not have a choice in whether they have breakfast or not.  Many know upon going to bed that they will not have that choice upon arising.  The choices they have may be limited to which meal or meals they will have to go without.  For many children, the only meals they can count on are the free and reduced-priced meals provided through school breakfast and lunch programs.  But during the summer months, while school is not i... [More]

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