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Why Cereal Drives Matter

clock June 5, 2013 14:32 by author Curtis Weber
Why Cereal Drives Matter    Did you have breakfast this morning? If you did not, was it because you chose not to eat?  Sadly, many people do not have a choice in whether they have breakfast or not.  Many know upon going to bed that they will not have that choice upon arising.  the choices they have may be limited to which meal or meals they will have to go without.  For many Children, the only meals they can count on are the free and reduced-priced meals provided through school breakfast and lunch programs.  But during the summer months, while school is n... [More]

Professionalism - More Than A Five Syllable Word

clock August 20, 2012 15:14 by author Curtis Weber
Professionalism  More Than A Five Syllable Word So what do you think of when you hear the word "professionalism"?  Professionalism is a word that can be defined many different ways depending on which profession you practice or the period of life that you occupy.  How would a definition applicable to the profession of nursing read?  Chances are your definition would differ somewhat from your peers.  But even with those differences, the definitions are bound to reflect the pride and respect one takes in their chosen profession and practi... [More]

What Is a Preceptor

clock July 24, 2012 11:13 by author Curtis Weber
Preceptor. A simple, nine letter, three syllable word. It is a role that is deceptive in that it appears easy to those who have never had the privilege of fulfilling its duties. But as with most things that require talent [More]

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