Respiratory Care Why Children's Mercy
  • More than 50 neonatal and pediatric respiratory therapists work with Children's Mercy patients. Nine additional therapists serve as members of our transport team. All staff therapists are state licensed and certified by the states of Kansas and Missouri.
  • Our asthma education programs are highly effective in reducing re-hospitalizations and emergency department visits. Outcome study reports indicate that, following education, 93 percent of our patients have not been re-admitted to the hospital and 88 percent were not seen again in the emergency department.
  • Our respiratory therapists work closely with primary care physicians who refer patients to Children's Mercy. They serve as an integral resource for overall care plans.
  • Physician use of Respiratory Care protocols initiated in February 1999 has enabled respiratory therapists to provide care in a more timely, consistent, and cost-effective manner. During the first eight months of Respiratory Care Plan use, utilization of aerosol treatments decreased. Patient outcomes, as measured by re-admission and length of stay, were not affected.

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