The unemployment picture is improving, but the number of unemployed or under-employed people remains high.  You may find yourself in that category now or you might be in the future and if that is the case it is important to stay productive, informed, and relevant during that time period. 

Keep your mind sharp during a period of unemployement or under-employment.  If you can afford to be in school, by all means attend.  This will help you sharpen your current skills, or learn something new.  If you can't afford school, read as much as you can.  It is critical to keep your mind sharp.  It is also recommended that puzzles or mind games will help you maintain focus.  Along these same lines, maintain a regular schedule.  Looking for a job becomes your full time job so it is likely that you will keep a regular schedule, but on days where you are not interviewing, be sure to stay focused and don't spend the day watching televison.

Be active in social media.  Blog about topics within your field and join on line discussion groups.  Your expertise can be shown through these groups and it might lead to job opportunities.  Contacts are critical in your job search. 

Stay physically fit during this period of unemployment.  Exercise regularly and watch your diet.  This enables you to keep your energy up.  Unemployment can be emotionally draining and an active lifestyle will restore some of that energy.  Above all, be positive.  The right opportunity could be right around the corner, and you have to be ready to take advantage of it quickly.