In the past week, I have been working with candidates to get interviews scheduled with the hiring manager and was a bit suprised by how much work was required to get this accomplished.  They seemed to have very little flexibility on their part and in fact told me that the only time they could come in was an hour on a certain day of the week.  Don't get me wrong, I totally understand that people are busy and often do not want their current employer to know they are looking at new opportunities...but at the same time when my first interaction with a candidate is about how non-flexible they are, it doesn't leave a great impression.  Hiring managers also have busy schedules and often want to schedule interviews as soon as possible to fill their position.  So remember, when a Talent Recruiter contacts you to schedule an interview, ask them what options are available.  If none of those options work well for you, let them know that you need to check your schedule against those options and get back to them.  This will alow you time to take a better look at your schedule and see if you can adjust anyting to make an interivew time work.  If you absolutely cannot work with any of the options given, explain to the Recruiter why and politely ask if there are any other dates that would work.