You finally have the interview you have been waiting for! You fret over what to wear and how to best represent yourself. You spend hours anxiously waiting to make a first impression on your potential employer. However, do you realize that you have already made a first impression before you see anyone in the office? Most employers have an online application. It is the employers first glimpse at you, your professionalism, and your history. Let's hope you took the time to fill it out properly and did not rush through it assuming it was just logistics.  

Applications can be tedious, but are extremely important to the process. It is the first time a Recruiter or Hiring Manager get to "meet" you. When you fill out an application please remember the following:

- Be honest. Do not omit or exaggerate experience.

- Be accurate.

- Pay attention to punctuation. Do not fill it out in all CAPS. It appears as though you are yelling the information.

- Attach your resume. The resume includes more details about your experience and skill set. Make sure it highlights any special skills, licensures, or courses you have completed.

- Take your time. Before you submit, proof read, check for accuracy, and ensure all of the necessary information is completed.


Use every opportunity throughout the employment process to represent yourself in a professional manner. Good luck!