I thought I would share with you a trend that we have recently experienced in HR.  We have had a few occasions recently where candidates coming in for interviews are bringing their family members or friends with them.  Although it is understandable that candidates may have someone driving them to the interivew and need a place to wait, it can be a bit overwhelming to have these folks hanging out in our small reception area.  One day last week, our lobby was full with people waiting for their family member or friend to interview.  Some of them were sleeping, some of them were crawling on the floor :) Here are a few thoughts to consider.

If someone is driving you to your interview, ask the Talent Recruiter how long you should expect the interview process to be and communicate that to the person bringing you to the interivew.  That will allow them time to drop you off, perhaps run errands and return.  Typically, the interview process would not be longer than 1.5 hours.

Children's Mercy HR department is also extremely close to the Crown Center shops and restaurants.  What  a great excuse to do some shopping!

Please understand that children should not be brought to an interview.  If you experience difficulties with daycare, please contact your Talent Recruiter to re-schedule your appointment.  We understand last minute arrangements can fall through and we will work with you to re-schedule.