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Displaying Leadership in a Job Interview

Organizations are always looking for good leaders.  There are five important things you can do in a job interview to display leadership. 

Discuss past leadership accomplishments:

When talking about your accomplishments, make sure to highlight times when you actually led people in some way.  It is important when discussing this to talk about what your leadership accomplished. If it was in school did a paper or project get turned in on time and with good results? If it was in a work setting was money made, money saved, market share increased? This leads to a second point.

State everything quantitatively:

When you prepare for an interview, know what your accomplishments were and state them in a quantitative way.  Organizations are always looking for efficiencies and if you can prove past results, you will have an excellent opportunity to get the job

Act decisively:

When discussing situations, talk about how you acted decisively.  For instance, if a co-worker had to go out on extended leave, how did you step up?  Did you offer to handle that person's work load, and if so what were your results despite your increased work load.  Did you come up with good ideas on how to handle that situation?

Speak calmly and confidently:

Practice interview questions with a friend or a family member so you can  answer clearly.  Think about situations which have come up at work or school and be prepared to discuss those.  Be confident in your answers.  Confidence comes through practice

Show passion:

If a recruiter asks why you want to work for the company, answer why the company would be a good fit for you.  This can be difficult if you have had many interviews and not much success getting offers up to that point.  Research what the company does and then know why you want to be a part of it.  If the company is expanding into the east coast, tell the interviewer about that and why you could be a key part of that expansion.  Enthusiasm and knowledge are great tools in an interview. 

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