So you finally got the call you have been waiting for and you are scheduled for an interview.  Congratulations, you have already progessed past several if not dozen of other candidates.  However, for many candidates this is when things start getting stressful.  What should I wear?  Will I be able to find Human Resources?  What are they going to ask me?  Here are a few things to consider as you prepare for your interview day.

Start by doing some research about the hospital, the department and the position that you are interviewing for.  Recruiters don't expect you to be an expert about the role but there is an expectation that you have some basic knowledge about the position and the organization.  If you spend 15 minutes on the hospital's website, you can accomplish this.

Dress for success.  I am still amazed how casually some candidates dress for an interview.  The stories we could tell!  Professional appearance is important in making a good first impression but it will also boost your confidence level.  When you look good, you feel good  When you feel good, your self confidence will be higher.

Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to your interview.  Don't take a chance of cutting it too close on time for this important appointment.  Believe me, the recruiter will notice.  Don't put them in a position of trying to decide if this is a one time occurrence or if you may have difficutly arriving to work on time.  Allow yourself a few minutes to collect your thoughts as you wait for your appointment.

Project positive energy during the interview by using good eye contact good posture and enthusiasm.  Once the interview begins remember that the recruiter is not looking for the answer you think they want to hear but rather how you handled the situation when it happened to you in the past.  Good recrutiers will see through candidates that are not being forthight.  Use examples that draw upon your strenghts.

At the conclusion of the interview, be prepared to ask the recruiter or manager at least one question and thank them for the opportunity to interview.  It is recommended that you follow up with a thank you note or email within 24 hours of the interivew.

I hope this helps to take some of the anxiety out of the interivew day.  Now, we'd like to know what questions about the interivew process you might have.