There are outlets for finding a job, such as a newspaper or social networking site.  However, finding a job is an old notion.  Today applicants are found or discovered by recruiters.

Next Sunday review your newspapers job section.  Years ago the job section contained 12 pages, now it has 3 pages.  On line job boards began posting openings so that individuals could search and apply instantly.  Applicants no longer relied on reading the newspaper or visiting the human resources department.

Once again finding a job has changed.  Online job boards are used less by employers who are finding candidates referred by employees or other connections.  Jobs have become hidden treasures shared by word of mouth and social networking sites.  Seeking employment using newspapers or online job boards is becoming extinct.  Your job search should include the big three sites:  Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.  My focus is on Linked In.

Linked In provides a professional online network with 90 million members in over 200 countries.  You can find colleagues who may share job openings.  In the past, you would obtain a business card and file it.  Now you can connect on Linked In. 

Your connections should be aware that you are looking for a job so that you can be contacted when a position becomes available.  Also, recruiters post openings on Linked In so that you can contact them or someone you know directly.

Since job seekers are relying on referrals for jobs, don't forget to be professional and diligent in your daily business endeavors.  When you do your best as a professional, this should make being found or discovered a little easier.