The Summer Nurse Extern program is an excellent way for nursing students to advance their clinical skills and knowledge and gain self-confidence needed to be a successful RN. Nursing students entering their Senior year and have completed a clinical rotation are eligible. Applicants must be available for the entire program beginning 5/16 to 8/12. Applicants must also provide a letter of recommendation from a nursing school clinical instructor and have a GPA of 3.25 or higher.

Children's Mercy is pleased to receive such a positive response to our 5th annual Summer Nurse Extern program. Applications were accepted from 2/7/11 to 2/25/11. We received 97 nursing student applications. We received 88 applications last year. It is very exciting to see the program take off! This truly reflects the valuable experience our staff provides for these students.

The program has evolved over the 5 years from a Care Assistant Summer position into a precepted experience that socializes students into the RN role. During the 12 weeks of paid clinical experience, externs will be permitted to perform a variety of tasks as directed by the highly skilled preceptors in the clinical area. Tasks will include;

  • Technical procedures
  • Monitor patient's conditions or care (e.g. changes in values/ measurements, changes in patient status, parent concerns,etc.)
  • Record observations and patient care interventions
  • Transcribe physicians orders
  • Review patient charts, medications and diagnosis
  • Schedule patient follow up appointment and tests

Externs will also attend classroom sessions that cover a variety of topics related to; developing relationships with patients and families, working with interdisciplinary teams, role of advance practice nurses, communicating with physicians and IV skills. The final project is a presentation by the extern on one of the following; quality improvement, patient case study or patient /family/staff education.

The program supports the education of our future registered nurse workforce by nurturing commitment to the nursing profession and creating interest in employment at Children's Mercy, while strengthening clinical skills.

Our Summer Nurse Extern program has 8 enthusiastic individuals who hope to gain new skills, knowledge and confidence. We are very excited about the program and look forward to a Summer exploration, learning and professional growth for all involved. Welcome!

If you want to be part of next year's program, we will be accepting applications in February, 2012. Watch for our openings on the Children's Mercy Careers