It occured to me as I looked through some applications recently that people do not always put their best foot forward during a job search.  There are several things that really stand out. 

1.  Spelling countz: Grammatical and spelling errors can indicate a lack of attention to detail.  In a highly competitive job market that  can put you at a competitive disadvantage.  Take 5 minutes and look over your resume, application and cover letter for errors.  Make sure your phone number  is right.  You don't want to risk not getting a call if your phone number is incorrect. 

2.  Be appropriate: While a funny email address may be cute, it could display a lack of professionalism and seriousness.  If you are in a job search, your email address should just be your name or a combination of name and numbers. 

3.  Voicemail:  Your voice mail should reflect professionalism.  Inappropriate music that goes on forever, letting children do the greeting, or long greetings where you discuss your philosphy of life are not helpful.  Clear your voice mail regularly so a recruiter can leave a message. 

4.  Social media:  Put nothing on social media which is going to embarass you later on.  It is out there forever. Social media can be very helpful when job hunting.  It can also hurt you immensely when job hunting.