Companies are using video interviews now more than ever to make the hiring process more efficient. For employers, it allows access to more people in a  shorter amount of time. For candidates, it may be a little uncomfortable or even intimidating at first. Here are a few tips to make your video interview a success:

1. Prepare yourself as you would for a face to face interview. Have your resume handy for reference, research the company and think of a few examples to demonstrate how you have made an impact in your previous work experiences. 

2. Check the environment around you. Set up the camera in an area that is well lit. Remove any distractions. Minimize background noise. Remember, the environment should be professional.  

3.  Have a dress rehearsal. Check to ensure all of the equipment is working, check the sound, adjust the camera if necessary, and use the picture in picture function to see how you appear.

4. Dress in a professional manner just because it is a video interview does not mean you can wear your pajamas!

5. If possible, have someone else in the room with you but make sure they are not in the camera view. They can read the question to you before you record your response. This may make it feel more natural.

6. Relax! Instead of thinking of it as an interview, think of it as a time to share stories about your life and work experience. It is okay to be conversational opposed to stiff and robotic.

7. Speak clear and concise. Aim to explain the situation, actions taken, and end result in your responses.


In my opinion, the best advice is to be yourself, relax, and have fun. Interviews do not have to be intimidating if you are well prepared and confident.


Good luck!