Many organizations including Children's Mercy are looking for ways to maximize the recruiting dollar and make it as simple as possible to interview candidates. One of these ways is the online interview.  Most people have done phone interviews but technology like Skype has made it easy to do face to face online interviews.  Here are five ways to prepare for the online interview. 

1.  Know how the online interview will work.  Make sure your computer is working properly and has the appropriate software.

2.  Practice in front of the mirror or practice with a friend using Skype.  Go online and pull a list of interview questions and practice answering them and observe your facial expressions.

3. Anticipate the interview questions. Know what is on your resume and think about what you might get asked.  As was discussed in number 2, practice your interview.

4. Create a businesslike background. Make sure the area is cleaned up and perhaps interview in front of a bookcase or tall floor plant.  Try not to interview in front of a window that would create glare.  Dress just as you would for an onsite interview. 

5. Don't get interrupted during the interview. No pets, no children, no phone calls.  This is your chance to shine and it should be treated as if you were face to face with the interviewer at their office.