LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing professional social media websites out there.  They are adding over 1 profile per second and recruiters use it everyday to find top talent.  Here are few things you can do to help promote yourself and get recognized by recruiters.


1.     Fill out your profile completely.  Make sure you give a complete history of your education, work experience and skills.  Don’t forget to add in a summary, use keywords such any certifications you have, industries you have worked in and software experience, this will help recruiters find your profile. 

2.     Join Groups especially ones that match your background.  For example if you are CPA, join an accounting group, network with other group members and recruiters hangout in these groups, trust me. (Why do you think I belong to the “Nurse Practitioner” group)

3.     On your home page under the “Who’s viewed your profile” keep tabs on who is looking at your profile.  If you notice a recruiter has viewed your info, you may want to check out who the recruiter works for and the companies career page, see what openings they have maybe they have a position you are a fit for.

4.     Post to your updates at least 3-4 times a week.  You want to stay active and be visible to your connections.  This will lead to networking opportunities. 

5.     The last piece of advice is more of a personal preference and that is posting a picture.  I like the idea of having one however some people aren’t too comfortable with it.  It’s up to you but for me it’s a smart move.