I thought I would share with you some do's and don't related to the interview process. A fun way to do that may be by sharing some interesting but true stories about candidates I have encountered with the hope that their mistakes don't happen to you!


First the dont's.Yell


Don't make the recruiter feel like they are wasting your time when they contact you to schedule an interview.  I had a candidate recently tell me they had just laid down to take a nap and could I call them back around 3p.m.?  Now I love a good nap as much as the next person but if I'm looking for a job, I think that is a call I had better take.


Don't keep calling the recruiter to see if you application was received.  We appreciate that candidates are excited about the prospect of employment at CMH but please do not call the recruiter five times a day to see if they received your application.  This is time they need to use reviewing all those apps!


Don't bring your children to the interview.  This has happened to me more than once and my response has been that the interview time should be scheduled when you can focus on the interview without distractions.


Don't be two different people.  I have called candidates and asked for the person by name.  I got a monotone, semi-rude, response of "who's calling"?  I state my name and why I am calling and all of a sudden they transition into the sweetest person you would ever want to talk to.  I understand that people want to screen calls but it leaves the recruiter trying to decide which personality is the real you.


Don't tell the recruiter that you can work the required schedule they describe before scheduling the interview if you know you can't.  I have interviewed people that want so badly to get theirselves in front of someone that they will say they can work any shift but when they get to the interview they disclose they really need a different shift.  This may result in the candidate being dismissed after the HR interview.


Now, here's what you can do:Smile


If there are certain times that are best to reach you, indicate that on your application so that you will be available and alert when you receive a call. 


You can check the status of your applicaiton by logging back in to the website.  Also, when you apply you will automatically receive an email back letting you know that it was received and how to check the status of your application.


Do schedule the interview on a date and time that you can arrange for childcare.  You will find that in most cases interviews can be scheduled early or late in the day to try to accommodate scheduling needs as best we can.


Do be honest and let the recruiter know if the required schedule will not work for your needs.  Many times by having this conversation, the recruiter can work with you to see if there are other positions available that would might work.


These are just a few thoughts on things I have experienced over time.  What questions or comments do you have?