Gone in 45 Seconds



You have scoured the internet looking for your perfect job and then you find it!  Filled with excitement you complete the on-line application and attach your resume.  The application took about 45 minutes to complete but it was worth it because you were applying to your dream job.  You hit submit and are confident that the recruiter will see you are the perfect match for the position.


The next day the recruiter is viewing the applications.  He has 100 applications to view and approximately an hour and fifteen minutes later he has selected his top five candidates.  Yes, that’s right he viewed 100 applications in about an hour.  The reality is the recruiters on average spend about 45 seconds (give or take 15 seconds) reviewing each application.  He sends letters to the other 95 candidates and starts to make contact with the top five.


You open your in-box and you see an email from XYZ Company.  Quickly opening the email you notice in the first sentence that it is not good news.  How could they not see that you were the perfect fit?  Where did you go wrong?


We receive around 30,000 applications a year at Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics.  The recruiters know the position they are recruiting for typically inside and out.  When we view the application, we are looking for specific qualifiers or non-qualifiers.   Below are some non-qualifiers.   

1.   If you are not qualified for the job, do not apply.   As much as we want to consider every candidate, not meeting the minimum qualifications is an automatic no for a position.  Save yourself some time and only apply to the positions you are most qualified.

2.   Typos, spelling errors or grammatical errors.   Don’t just rely on spell check or grammar check to do the work for you.  Read over your application and resume several times.  Ask a friend to review your resume as well.  

3.   Leaving off important information. If you are applying for a position that requires critical care experience and you have it but don’t put it on your resume/application there is no way for us to know that you posses this experience.

4.   Convictions.  If you were convicted of a violent crime against an individual you will not be considered at Children’s Mercy Hospital.  Period.

5.   Listing see resume on the application.  We use the information from the application not the resume to verify background information.  The application should be filled out in its entirety.

6.   Incorrect contact information.  There are many times when I have a great applicant that I want to reach to arrange an interview, but their contact information is incorrect.  Verify your phone numbers, email addresses and address.  You might possess the skills required for the position but if we can’t get a hold of you it is a mute point.


Since our candidate’s time is important to us we are looking at ways to reduce the time it takes to complete an application.  We will keep you updated on the progress!    Do you have suggestions on how we could improve our application process?  Please leave a comment below, we welcome your suggestions!