Healthier Ever After

No doubt you have seen the postings on the Messenger regarding the “Why We Give to the ‘Healthier Ever After’ Campaign”.  If you have not, go to the Messenger and watch the video and read the comments.  Hopefully you have already made a contribution.  If you haven't, perhaps you may be inspired to make a contribution.  It is not important if your gift is large or small.  It is just important that it is given.  By supporting the ‘Healthier Ever After’ Campaign we support our mission statement and ourselves.  That sends a powerful message to others who may be considering a donation but do not work at Children’s Mercy.  That message is that we are employees who are eager and committed to growing so we can extend our helping hand beyond its current reach.


You are welcome to comment here on why you give.  If you do leave a comment though I ask that you please make it on the Messenger as well.  Your comment may sway someone else to give.