Gray Skies lead to Code Grays
The Nurses’ Kaleidoscope received several comments and suggestions yesterday regarding the Code Gray/Tornado Warning. It has been suggested that our first topic of discussion examine the Code Gray/Tornado Warning and “share things you learned, give a pat on the back, ask questions, and comment about things you think could be done better.”
Share, ask, and comment!  The Nurses’ Kaleidoscope wants to hear from you!  This is a great opportunity to use your observations to evaluate the safety procedures we currently have in place.  We will forward your suggestions to the Safety Department for consideration per their request.
Here is a link to the Tornado Policy.  It would be beneficial to everyone to review it to be better prepared and to evaluate how your actions fit into the prescribed actions written in the policy.  They should be one and the same.  The Scope has all the policies and procedures posted.  In addition each unit has the Red Tri-fold that contains Emergency Procedures as well as the Purple Notebook that is located on all the Inpatient Units.