The Nurses’ Kaleidoscope 
Welcome to The Nurses’ Kaleidoscope, a blog created to discuss issues and topics relevant to nurses.  Let’s start with the name of this blog. Why “Kaleidoscope”?  Well there is the obvious tie-in with the Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics logo.  But there are reasons beyond that.  I believe that a kaleidoscope can be allegorical of how nursing is performed and perceived.  The kaleidoscope, like the nurse, is not a static image.  When viewed through its prism the kaleidoscope is ever changing depending on movement and light.  It draws attention and appreciation of the beauty created by its complex simplicity.  Nursing can be like this.
Nursing is dependent on action.  The job is done through movement.  It can be physical or intellectual.  Those actions are very evident in the light, but often some of best nursing goes unnoticed because it happens outside the spotlight.  Then there is the complex simplicity of the profession.  In nursing the goal is simple - to care for our patients.  It is the process of caring that is often complex, challenging and thought provoking. 
Unlike the kaleidoscope we are not working with mirrors and colorful broken glass.  Instead we work with the bodies and souls of children, parents and peers.  If you are willing to hold your profession up to the light for inspection what you will find is a mosaic even more beautiful than that of the kaleidoscope.  
At times The Nurses’ Kaleidoscope will invite guest writers to post.  Sometimes the postings will be a straight forward presentation of information, other times the posting may be a story or topic related to the hospital or just a thought thrown out for comments or elaborations on your part.  At times those thoughts may push a button or touch a nerve.  If so, the motivation is meant to get us thinking and processing what is going on with nursing not just within Children’s Mercy, but the world at large. 
I look forward to moderating the online discussions and comments.  Your comments and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.  This forum is meant to be engaging, provocative, enlightening and fun.  A lively and thoughtful interchange can help accomplish all theses things.  Opinions are bound differ.  If they did not it would be disappointing…and boring.  That being said, please be respectful of the blog space and to each other. 
Curtis Weber, RN, BSN, CPN