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Tears, Tissues and Gratitude - The Nursing Scholarship Awards Ceremony

clock May 10, 2012 12:48 by author Curtis Weber
Tears, Tissues and Gratitude   The Nursing Scholarship Awards Ceremony Seventy-one scholarships were awarded at the Nursing Scholarship Awards Ceremony.  The ceremony was touching.  Many of the stories shared moved eyes to tears and hands to tissues.  Despite tears and tissues it was by no means a somber event.  Many smiles and laughter was shared as well.  And then there were the children.  Donors' and recipients' children, some in the aisle, some cradled and held, some calling out to mommies on stage, others carrying flowers to give, all reminding ... [More]

Nurses Week - Twenty Plus Reasons To Be Proud

clock May 7, 2012 13:58 by author Curtis Weber
Nurses WeekTwenty Plus Reasons To Be Proud! Happy Nurses Week!  This year the Nurses Week theme is Nurses: Advocating, Leading, Caring.  If you were lucky enough to attend the Nursing and Allied Health Clinical Awards you would have seen living examples of this year's theme.  Twenty employees were honored in the best way possible.  They were not honored for any one event or accomplishment.  Rather, they were honored for displaying leadership through their example of commitment and everyday actions of advocating, leading and caring.  You are encouraged... [More]

What Makes a Positive, Healthy Work Environment? You do of course!

clock April 24, 2012 13:49 by author Curtis Weber
What Makes a Positive, Healthy Work Environment?  You do, of course!  Okay, so perhaps I exaggerate a bit.  I am not, nor do I wish to sound like a Pollyanna. You and you alone do not make a work environment positive and healthy.  But it is within your power to make whatever environment that you occupy healthier, more positive and more fullfilling to you and others that occupy your shared space. The lin between healthy work environments and patient safety, nurse retention, recruitment, and thus the bottom line, is irrefutable.  The standards of establishing and s... [More]

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