Get ReadyHere Comes Magnet! Get ready, because in just one week the Magnet appraisers will be doing their onsite evaluation.  On a rational level most people know there is no reason to fret over the visit.  Despite that, most people also feel the common anxiety that is natural whenever they are put on stage.  Make no doubt; we are in fact being evaluated daily by patients and families we care for, the community we serve, and by ourselves.  We have never felt inhibited by that knowledge and we should not feel inhibited by the presence of the Magnet appraisers. What Magnet appraisers offer us is an opportunity to proudly display the values and accomplishments that we as an institution have achieved and to acknowledge the value Children's Mercy places on us as individuals.  So use that opportunity to brag on what we do as an organization, what you do as an employee, and how it has impacted and improved the lives of our patients, our colleagues, and ourselves. Things to remember: Show and tell!  Remember kindergarten and what fun it was to share.  Take a cue from our patient population.  Kids know and show enthusiasm.  Show and tell what a wonderful place that Children's Mercy is for patients and employees!  Make the patient and nursing satisfaction surveys and quality improvement projects some of the things you share. Be relaxed and be confident.  It is a conversation, not an interrogation.  If you get nervous, that's okay.  Take a moment, recognize it, take a breath, and carry on. Be honest.  Answer the appraisers' questions truthfully and to the best of your ability.  If you are unable to answer something, say so and provide other resources that can answer the question. If you are unsure of a question the appraiser is asking, request that they clarify. If you see someone in need, help out if you can.  One of the reasons we are such a great organization and have received Magnet recognition before is because we work as a team. Trust the situation.  Trust in yourself, your colleagues, your hospital AND the Magnet appraisers.  Everyone wants this process to be successful. Remember our Professional Practice Model.  Here is the definition posted on the Scope: "Our Nursing Professional Practice Model is depicted as a compass because it represents a guide for nursing practice at the Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics.  The Quality Caring Model sits in the center as it serves as the theoretical framework for the Nursing Department.  The external circle includes the Nursing Vision Statement and the Hospital Mission Statement demonstrating that nursing is aligned with the core principles and mission of the organization.  The four directional vectors of the compass represent four essential influences on professional nursing practice: Ethos, Environment, Ethics and Equity.  Finally, the remaining quadrants link the Nursing Vision Statement to the Professional Practice Model by illustrating the four key components that drive nursing practice at Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics: Care Delivery System, Leadership and Governance, Innovation, and Professional Development." Go to the Nursing tab on the Scope and scroll over the different areas of the compass to gain a greater understanding of our Professional Practice Model.