Professionalism  More Than A Five Syllable Word So what do you think of when you hear the word "professionalism"?  Professionalism is a word that can be defined many different ways depending on which profession you practice or the period of life that you occupy.  How would a definition applicable to the profession of nursing read?  Chances are your definition would differ somewhat from your peers.  But even with those differences, the definitions are bound to reflect the pride and respect one takes in their chosen profession and practice. The Nurse Professional Excellence Council (NPEC) would like to hear how you would define professionalism.  Here are a few definitions that several NPEC members have offered to help get us started: Professionalism is providing high-quality care with a specialized knowledge base, exhibiting Integrity, morality and mutual respect. - Kristin Ray, RN, BSN, CPN, Assistant Department Director, 5 West Professionalism is the ability to use expertise nursing skills in understanding and fullfilling a patient's needs while effectively communicating in a pleasant and courteous manner with all coworkers and families. - James J. Bass, RN, BSN, JD, Nurse Manager, Plastic Surgery Clinic Professionalism to me is demonstration of integrity, grace and honesty.  A professional develops goals and works towards them, involving others to attain goals.  A professional is someone who can present unpopular information in a positive explanatory manner. - M. Susan Mecklenburg, RN, MHA, Director of Surgical Services. Professionalism: Conforming to the standards of a profession.  In nursing this may mean: acting in a manner that exhibits honesty, accountability, responsibility and equality of all patients. - Paresa Tafreshi, RN, BSN, 6 Henson Please leave your your definition of professionalism in the comment section below.