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clock February 8, 2012 15:06 by author Curtis Weber
Hunger    Hunger.  It is a feeling we are all familiar with.  For the majority of us it is a fleeting sensation that is quashed by a trip to the cupboard, refrigerator or store.  But what if you could not make that trip?  What if your cupboard and refrigerator is empty and a trip to the store is not an option?  Sadly 1 in 6 people in the United States hunger is a daily struggle.  That translates to 49 million Americans who are forced to go without food for several meals or even days because they cannot make ends meet.   Fact: Only 10% o... [More]

New Year, New Resolve!

clock January 6, 2012 10:50 by author Curtis Weber
New Year, New Resolve!  Happy New Year!  So far this year I have had three nurses tell me about professional and work resolutions and goals they have set for 2012.  Research, abstracts and presentations are all in the works.  They were very excited, motivated and seemed up to the challenges.  That got me thinking about my own resolutions and wondering if I am prepared for the challenges.    “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” --Antoine de Saint Exupery, Writer & aviator No doubt many of the rest of you began the New Year with re... [More]

Halloween - A Day for Professional Reflection

clock October 25, 2011 12:08 by author Curtis Weber
  Halloween A Day for Professional Reflection In a mere week Halloween will be upon us and we will see nurse costumes galore.  This is a perfect time to evaluate how our profession is presented to the public.  No, those trick or treaters will not be dressed in scrubs or the nurse uniform of yesterday.  Instead, you will see young women wearing the traditional nurse cap and perhaps a stethoscope or Red Cross insignia on the costume and looking as if they had just emerged from a Russ Meyer film.  Mr. Meyer influenced such directors as John Landis and Quentin Taranti... [More]

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