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Nursing Nurses Kaleidoscope

What Is a Preceptor

clock July 24, 2012 11:13 by author Curtis Weber
Preceptor. A simple, nine letter, three syllable word. It is a role that is deceptive in that it appears easy to those who have never had the privilege of fulfilling its duties. But as with most things that require talent [More]

Get Ready - Here Comes Magnet!

clock July 2, 2012 12:07 by author Curtis Weber
Get ReadyHere Comes Magnet! Get ready, because in just one week the Magnet appraisers will be doing their onsite evaluation.  On a rational level most people know there is no reason to fret over the visit.  Despite that, most people also feel the common anxiety that is natural whenever they are put on stage.  Make no doubt; we are in fact being evaluated daily by patients and families we care for, the community we serve, and by ourselves.  We have never felt inhibited by that knowledge and we should not feel inhibited by the presence of the Magnet appraisers. What Magnet ... [More]

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