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What Is A Preceptor?

clock June 27, 2011 17:51 by author Curtis Weber
What Is A Preceptor?    Preceptor.  A simple nine letter, three syllable word.  It is a role that is deceptive in that it appears easy to those who have never had the responsibility and privilege of fulfilling its duties.  But as with most things that require talent, those that do it so well and gracefully make it appear effortless and uncomplicated.  So what is a preceptor?  Preceptors are those experienced nurses that have agreed to orient a new nurse and educate them to the responsibilities and skills that they will need throughout their care... [More]

"Healthier Ever After" Campaign

clock June 10, 2011 16:24 by author Curtis Weber
Why we should give to the "Healthier Ever After" Campaign. [More]

Define Nurse

clock June 1, 2011 10:37 by author Curtis Weber
How do we define "nurse"? [More]

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