Of all the pundits' predictions about how the Supreme Court would deal with the Affordable Care Act, I cannot find anyone who predicted that Roberts but not Kennedy would be the deciding vote.  Most predicted either a 5-4 decision against the mandate with the usual lineup of judges on either side, or that Kennedy and Roberts would join the liberals for a 6-3 decision in favor.

It looks like the action now moves back to Congress and to State legislatures.  That is, in my opinion, where it belongs.  Congress passed the law.  Congress can modify it or repeal it.  The American people have had one election in which to respond to the law.  Soon they will have another.  In the meantime, people will have a chance to see how different provisions of the law are working.  It seems that many provisions of the law are popular, some are unpopular, and it is unclear how necessary the unpopular ones are in order for the popular ones to be sustainabale.